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Friday, February 25, 2011

The internet is not exactly a new place and blogs are no longer novel, but the social animal that this medium is and can be has been a relatively new discovery for me.  I used to be a passive purveyor of the internet's offerings - research and internet shopping for the most part.  But in the last few years I have found myself participating in message boards, interacting with virtual strangers and, of course, playing on Facebook - reconnecting with those friends you never expected to hear from again and gaining access to their lives in a way not previously available to us.  At every moment of the day, we can find someone to "talk" to, to share passions with, to discuss and debate ideas on topics ranging from Rob Pattinson's wardrobe to the uprising in Egypt.  Our commentary ranges form the profound to the mundane, sharing the important moments and those that will be forgotten as soon as the next status update is written. 

I'm not an over-sharer and usually find myself typing up and then deleting comments or updates thinking they're triviality will just bog up a site - why would anyone care to know my thoughts on politics (be forewarned, I'm progressive minded and a liberal) or that I found a fabulous pair of new shoes, or met a famous person.  What it comes down to is that we want feedback, we want validation, a connection to the world beyond our bubbles and we want to be heard.  I have things to say and finds to share, and they range from the mundane to the profound.

So, this is my social experiment.  My posts will vary from music to philanthropy, from fashion to food, from life to love and all of the in between.

Join me on my road and I hope to hear from you. 

Minnie and me.  Picture taken by my best friend at California Adventure.

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