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Where to eat, what to eat?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How often do you ask your significant other, friend or pet this question on a weekly basis?  In my household, it makes an appearance at least twice a week (more often on weekends), especially when the boyfriend and I are too lazy to come up with something at home.  Then it becomes a discussion of whether to try something new or go with the usual (Frida's Tacos).  We recently moved from a suburb of LA to right smack in the middle of Hollywood where the culinary options abound - Pizzeria Mozza, Osteria Mozza and Hatfield's are all walking distance (I highly recommend the Mozzas and I have yet to try Hatfield's, which probably requires a small line of credit to be able to eat there).  The choices are endless, varying from up-scale to trendy to laid back and hipster.  And they all come with their own attitude requirement.  So the number of options never helps when you just want some good food, wine and a charming environment. 

Here's a sampling of the eateries I indulged in this past week.

Picture courtesy of Yelp
Comme Ça - modern French bistro with traditional fare.  Quiche and french fries are my favorites for brunch.  The boeuf bourguignon was tender and delicious, but wasn't crazy about the pommes aligot (mash potatoes).

Angeli Caffe - good casual Italian place where you won't get enough of their fresh baked bread or their simple and delicious food.

Mercantile - lovely, laid back atmosphere with just enough charm to make a weeknight out with a friend special and the perfect place to catch up without the typical Hollywood crowd.  You'll find French inspired dishes like the pork rillette, croque madame and fennel-crusted albacore, which were all good but not great. 

Rounded out the weekend at Wood & Vine.  Exposed wood and dark mirrored bars seem to be the new thing in LA.  The menu is small with limited offerings.  The food we ordered was tasty but not filling.  When they say small plates, they really mean it.  We had the beet salad, gnocchi, scallops and a cheese plate with our choice of cheeses.  The waiter recommended the chicken and waffles, but with Roscoe's just around the corner, I wasn't up for being disappointed.  Overall, I would recommend this place for pre- or after show drinks accompanied with small bites. 

Moral of the story?  You have to be adventurous and open to being disappointed but sometimes it'll pay off.  Isn't that the truth when it comes to most things?  I'm still on the lookout for the perfect neighborhood Indian and sushi places that'll help make the answering of the question that started this post just a bit easier.

Good hunting!

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I love. I have loved. I will love.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Individually, these three simple sentences seem unexceptional, ordinary even.  But grouped together they are profound - a beautiful construction of what our individual lives are about.  It's not simply a declaration that love will come again, but that life will go on, that we continue to survive.  I don't mean to get so serious on you, dear readers, but ever since I first heard these 8 little words in the film version of I Capture the Castle, they have wiggled their way into my head and have nested.

Don't you think they inspire hope?  That no matter where you are in life, the road ahead of you will not end because you choose to continue upon it.  They imply a life fulfilled, a life experienced.

We so easily get caught up in our everyday, forgetting that we have a past, a present and a future.  Our lives are not stagnant and our choices, for better or worse, will continue to give us those opportunities to experience, to live and to love.  We move forward, we face hardship and loss and we learn and this is truly a beautiful thing. 

I sometimes wish I could view my life as a film, to sum up the big moments and show how it is that today I am here.  Our sums, though, are made up of so much more than just those "big" moments.  We are so much more than those "big" moments.  It's the kind words from a stranger, the sunny day when you expected rain, the wrong paint color and so on.

Each day I have the chance to do something, and I am heartened by these words to believe I will continue to have that opportunity to do that said something.  For today, it's the chance to share my words with you.  Tomorrow, our possibilities are endless.

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My weekend in pictures

Monday, March 14, 2011

It was a fun and busy weekend for me, went to my first concert of the year and brought home our new puppy.  Instead of telling you about it, here are some pictures.

Front façade of Joan's on Third
Taken by: JohnnyRokkit

Lunch at the always yummy Joan's.  A must to check out when in LA.

Interior of Les Deux Estate

Dinner and drinks at Les Deux Estate before heading over to the Music Box to hear the eclectic sounds of Devotchka.


Introducing my beautiful Boxer, Layla.  She may not look like it but she is definitely still a puppy.

Picture taken by: Zoetica Ebb
Picture taken by: Zoetica Ebb
Melrose Trading Post - I love browsing through this local flea market that takes place every Sunday at Fairfax High School.  Great place to get ideas for color schemes and decorating ideas.  And you may even walk away with a vintage compass necklace, as I did today.

What did you do this weekend?

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A few of my favorite things

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I consider myself very lucky to be living in LA and 2 of the 3 favorite things that I will be sharing with you are some of the very many reasons why. 

1. I <3 KCRW

For as long as I've had a car, I have been listening to interesting programming on KCRW, a local radio station which is a National Public Radio affiliate that provides an "eclectic mix of music, news, information and cultural programming."  All this content is not only broadcasted but also available on their website.   Morning Becomes Eclectic accompanies me on my morning drive and is my #1 source for new sounds and artists.  The music director and all the djs do such a fantastic job of introducing a wide variety of indie and alternative music to their audience with no commercial interruptions helping me broaden my musical tastes.  This is where I go when I'm looking for new music.  I take complete advantage of their on-demand programming available to me 24 hours a day on their website.  I may sound like an advertisement for the station, but I am a proud subscriber and urge all of you to check them out either on the radio or on their website.  It's because of them I heard about Florence + the Machine over a year ago and heard Adele's new album prior to its mass release. 

Here are 2 recent in-studio shows you can listen to and/or watch.

Lykke Li Live at KCRW on Morning Becomes Eclectic 03.08.11

Devotchka Live at KCRW on Morning Becomes Eclectic 03.10.11

2. Spring Dresses

A theme that you may begin to notice here at Rue de Moi is my love for warm, sunny days - when the breeze is gentle and no longer biting and you can actually feel the heat of the sun.  The frequency of these days has begun to increase and so has my Spring Fever.  With this comes the desire to start wearing adorable and flirty dresses and spend as much time outdoors as possible.  The moment I put on that first dress of the season, winter is forgotten and I am ready for bare legs and wedges.  Here are a couple of my favorites (the pictures are links):

3.  My know-it-all friend

I mean this as a total compliment and I hope said friend, if he's reading this, knows that.  Every time I have lunch with said friend I walk away feeling smarter.  I can go to him with almost any subject, except for music because he mainly listens to Top 40 and I am unapologetically a music snob, and he will have a well thought out response expressing both sides of an issue in a concise and elucidative manner.  He never fails to amaze me with the breadth of his knowledge and his capability of being well-informed.  It's these discussions with him that always help me verbalize why it is I may feel a certain way about certain subjects.  

What are some of your favorite things?

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Things to do in LA on a Warm, Beautiful Sunny Day with your Best Friend

Sunday, March 6, 2011

As the days begin to get warmer around here, I will start compiling lists of things I like to do to soak in the vitamin D.  I know sunny days aren't exactly a rarity around here (average of 186 days of clear skies according to the Western Regional Climate Center), but we Los Angelenos are happy to take advantage of every single one.

After having spent 4 days in bed with the worst flu of my life, my best friend gave me the perfect reason to be outside...the chance to spend the day with her.

Urban Light art installation - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
We started off with midday drinks at the Stark Bar located in the courtyard at LACMA.  If you live in the area or are visiting the museum, Stark Bar and the adjoining Ray's Restaurant provide a trendy respite for your feet and from the humdrum bars and eateries in the area.  Depending on your mood, you can sit down for some bar bites or a full lunch/dinner along with an eclectic menu of cocktails.  We stuck to wine and beer, a tasty assortment of hams and a fontina and mushroom flatbread. 

Satiated, we walked the gardens, took a whole 3 minutes to view the tar pits and decided to head out for some shopping.  Having just moved into a bigger and more grown up place, I've been exploring LA furniture stores and flea markets for interesting and unique pieces to add to my home.  Mortise & Tenon on La Brea Blvd. in Hollywood is one such place I've been frequenting.  If you're a home decorating enthusiast or are looking for just that extra little something to add to your home, visiting the home furnishing shops on La Brea Blvd., between 3rd and 6th Streets, is a treat.  I also highly recommend Maison Midi for its beautiful French pottery and yummy French bistro.  

Mortise & Tenon's showroom is chic without being kitschy and the prices are reasonable - not Ikea levels but worthwhile for statement pieces.  I wanted a rectangular accent table in my hallway for mail and other odds and ends.  There were two I have had my eye on and needed a second set of eyes to help me with the decision.  After carting my initial pick home, placing it in the hallway and realizing that it was completely wrong, returning back to the store where David happily exchanged the table for my other choice, we were on our way to do some shoe shopping on Robertson Blvd.

I don't own any myself, but it seems almost every woman in LA sports a pair of Tory Burch's ballet flats.  Ballet flats are not my thing, but at 5'9" my friend can afford the luxury of wearing the beautiful gold flats she purchased with her maxi dresses.  I, at 5'3", much prefer to wear my 4" wedges.  We perused the dresses at Nanette Lepore, Alice & Olivia and Intermix, where I drooled over a gorgeous pair of nude Brian Atwood platform pumps and rounded it up with makeup shopping at MAC.  My new thing, magenta lips (use MAC Magenta lip liner to line lips and fill in a bit of color topped off with Dazzleglass in Steppin Out).

All in all a very girly day of catching up and shopping while never having to step into the mall.

What do you do when spending time with your best friend?

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