I love. I have loved. I will love.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Individually, these three simple sentences seem unexceptional, ordinary even.  But grouped together they are profound - a beautiful construction of what our individual lives are about.  It's not simply a declaration that love will come again, but that life will go on, that we continue to survive.  I don't mean to get so serious on you, dear readers, but ever since I first heard these 8 little words in the film version of I Capture the Castle, they have wiggled their way into my head and have nested.

Don't you think they inspire hope?  That no matter where you are in life, the road ahead of you will not end because you choose to continue upon it.  They imply a life fulfilled, a life experienced.

We so easily get caught up in our everyday, forgetting that we have a past, a present and a future.  Our lives are not stagnant and our choices, for better or worse, will continue to give us those opportunities to experience, to live and to love.  We move forward, we face hardship and loss and we learn and this is truly a beautiful thing. 

I sometimes wish I could view my life as a film, to sum up the big moments and show how it is that today I am here.  Our sums, though, are made up of so much more than just those "big" moments.  We are so much more than those "big" moments.  It's the kind words from a stranger, the sunny day when you expected rain, the wrong paint color and so on.

Each day I have the chance to do something, and I am heartened by these words to believe I will continue to have that opportunity to do that said something.  For today, it's the chance to share my words with you.  Tomorrow, our possibilities are endless.

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