Where to eat, what to eat?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How often do you ask your significant other, friend or pet this question on a weekly basis?  In my household, it makes an appearance at least twice a week (more often on weekends), especially when the boyfriend and I are too lazy to come up with something at home.  Then it becomes a discussion of whether to try something new or go with the usual (Frida's Tacos).  We recently moved from a suburb of LA to right smack in the middle of Hollywood where the culinary options abound - Pizzeria Mozza, Osteria Mozza and Hatfield's are all walking distance (I highly recommend the Mozzas and I have yet to try Hatfield's, which probably requires a small line of credit to be able to eat there).  The choices are endless, varying from up-scale to trendy to laid back and hipster.  And they all come with their own attitude requirement.  So the number of options never helps when you just want some good food, wine and a charming environment. 

Here's a sampling of the eateries I indulged in this past week.

Picture courtesy of Yelp
Comme Ça - modern French bistro with traditional fare.  Quiche and french fries are my favorites for brunch.  The boeuf bourguignon was tender and delicious, but wasn't crazy about the pommes aligot (mash potatoes).

Angeli Caffe - good casual Italian place where you won't get enough of their fresh baked bread or their simple and delicious food.

Mercantile - lovely, laid back atmosphere with just enough charm to make a weeknight out with a friend special and the perfect place to catch up without the typical Hollywood crowd.  You'll find French inspired dishes like the pork rillette, croque madame and fennel-crusted albacore, which were all good but not great. 

Rounded out the weekend at Wood & Vine.  Exposed wood and dark mirrored bars seem to be the new thing in LA.  The menu is small with limited offerings.  The food we ordered was tasty but not filling.  When they say small plates, they really mean it.  We had the beet salad, gnocchi, scallops and a cheese plate with our choice of cheeses.  The waiter recommended the chicken and waffles, but with Roscoe's just around the corner, I wasn't up for being disappointed.  Overall, I would recommend this place for pre- or after show drinks accompanied with small bites. 

Moral of the story?  You have to be adventurous and open to being disappointed but sometimes it'll pay off.  Isn't that the truth when it comes to most things?  I'm still on the lookout for the perfect neighborhood Indian and sushi places that'll help make the answering of the question that started this post just a bit easier.

Good hunting!

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