Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love it when my Sundays are productive and fun at the same time.  The goal for this past day of rest was to go to the farmer's market, hit up the Melrose Trading Post for some interesting pieces for Coachella (more coming in a later post), buy some new work clothes and try somewhere new to eat.  Sound like a lot?  It was but I've got lots to show for it.

Even though I got to the farmer's market just before it was being packed up, I scored 3 baskets of strawberries, a pound of broccoli, shallots, garlic and mushrooms for all less than $15.  Any suggestions for what I should prepare?

The Melrose Trading Post was quite busy, as it was a warm day, but I had a goal and it was to find some pretty feather earrings to accessorize with for Coachella.  This flea market is very hit or miss.   Of course, it also depends on what you're looking for.  The same booths are there every Sunday, so the pickings can become redundant if you go often.  I do enjoy the people watching though - it's a great place to get style ideas for both men and women. 

My boyfriend and our doggie, Layla
I may have mentioned in my post Where to eat, What to eat? that food options in this part of town are abundant.  It's just a matter of sorting through them all and finding your favorites.  Terroni is a southern Italian spot on Beverly Blvd near The Grove.  It has been open for almost 4 years, but it continues to maintain a reputation of a pretentiousness on the interwebs.  However, I recommend that people try this place at least once because the food was delicious.   Most bloggers and reviewers rave about their pizzas but we had pasta instead.   Fresh pasta is a treat because it gives such great texture to a dish.  Terroni makes their own every day.  The stuffed zucchini flowers were fried perfectly and stuffed with just the right amount of ricotta - definitely competes with Pizzeria Mozza's version.  I will happily go back and try more things on their menu.

The bar inside and a foosball table for nights when there's a wait

What better way to wrap up the weekend, than to buy some fabulous new work clothes appropriate for Spring.  Not that I'm lacking for anything, but I was looking for a nude blazer, a punchy new skirt and couple of tops.  Didn't find the blazer but this is what I came away with:

The shoes are so versatile, I've already worn them with cropped jeans for a casual lunch and dress to work.  The heel is perfect for walking around at work and the d'orsay style is just the right amount of sexy.  Tuck the shirts into the skirt to show off the pleating, add some pearls or any chunky necklace to offset the girliness and you've got two outfits to make Spring in the office a little brighter.

Questions about what to wear to Coachella or who to see?  Be on the lookout for my music festival primer.


3 Responses to “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday”

  1. ugh.

    ugh ugh ugh.

    i want LA to evaporate, but then I read your blog and I miss it like I miss sleeping with my window open and fresh tomatoes and flowers that bloom all the time.
    and you.

  2. Where did you find that fab striped blouse?

  3. @maggie unfortunately, blogger doesn't have the option where I can respond to comments individually so I hope you see this if you visit this post again. All the items are from Zara.