The Who, What and Wear - Coachella 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Main Stage 2010

I can't believe Coachella is 3 days away! I've been counting down since Day 3 of 2010 and the anticipation continues to build. If you've never been and you're a music lover, then I have to urge you to plan to attend in 2012. Music and the outdoors are such a natural pairing and I much prefer it to any indoor venue. The way the music swells around you while surrounded by bright blue sky or inky night makes it feel like the universe is open to you. It's such a beautiful feeling.

The bands I'm thrilled to see that I have not seen perform previously are Interpol, Mumford & Sons, Warpaint, Paul Van Dyke, Duran Duran PJ Harvey, and Phantogram. And in between running from show to show, I will be camping out at the Sahara tent dancing and jumping around to house and dance.  Who am I excited to see again? The Black Keys, The National, The Swell Season, Gogol Bordello and Elbow. I'm inspired more by music more than lyrics - the rhythms, the harmonies, the beats that pulse and weave under your skin and through your being.  Elbow, however, is one of those bands where I find myself actually looking up their lyrics.  One of my favorite songs is called The Bones of You and the words speak for themselves.

Coachella fashion is being blogged about, ideas on what to wear are being posted and stores are displaying outfits to be purchased.  I know what I like to wear - flowy dresses, colorful keds or converse to keep my toes protected, straw fedora to keep my face protected from the sun, ray-ban wayfarers or aviators, lots of necklaces but no bracelets or rings so I don't worry about flinging any of it off while dancing around.  An example of what I will NOT be wearing -

Coachella 2010 - no comment

Go with what makes you comfortable  and what you won't regret wearing hours upon hours later.  A cute little saddle bag or messenger bag is a must to carry your camera, chapstick, sunscreen and cash.  You want to be able to walk around freely without worrying about your bag slipping off your shoulder.  And please, for all that is holy, don't wear heels or wedges - navigating the grassy and muddy grounds will be dangerous for your ankles and death to your pretty shoes.

I plan on doing a Coachella fashion post upon my return and will attempt to post some of my favorite vids while I'm there, so please stay tuned.

See you in the desert!

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  1. No bikini top and sarong? Oh a little :)

    Have an excellent time - I'm so very envious!