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Sunday, June 26, 2011

When I can't express myself, I turn to music.  When the noise in my head gets too loud, I turn to music.  When I need to remember, I turn to music.  When my happiness knows no bounds, I turn to music.  So many memories and emotions are tied to music that all it takes is a few notes to evoke a wistfulness for the past.  Music can inspire, can give hope for unknown possibilities and elicit a positivity within myself that propels me forward.

I don't have the technical skill to talk about music, but I know what I like and I know how what I like makes me feel.  I love it when I come across a writing that describes exactly what I like about a certain song or artist but didn't know how to verbalize.  This article on the LA Times Music Blog is one such example.  The writer found the words to properly explain the power of Adele and gives an example:

"Another way is to play her “Rolling in the Deep” — No.1 on the singles chart for the fifth straight week — very loud and listen to a pearl of a pop song that combines essential ingredients of the Western popular music canon. So much funky, dynamic unity drives “Rolling in the Deep” that after it's over you want to hear it again because it'll be a different kind of great next time around."

From LA Time Music Blog
I've mentioned in an earlier post, A Few of My Favorite Things, that KCRW is where I go when looking for new music.  Recently, DJ Jason Bentley had The Civil Wars on Morning Becomes Eclectic and I fell in love with the beautiful harmonies of the indie folk rock duo.  I didn't get the chance to see them live while they were in LA, but most any review you read about their performances talk about the explosive chemistry between Joy and John Paul.  Mumford & Sons inspired a love for folk music in me and so, for now, this is the sound I look for when purchasing new music.  Check out their live set on KCRW and judge for yourselves.

Barton Hallow album cover - from

And speaking of explosive performances, I saw Florence + the Machine at the Greek Theater and, to no surprise, Florence Welch didn't disappoint.  This was the third time I was seeing this group, and I can honestly say that I do not get tired of listening to them perform their album Lungs over and over again.  Florence has this undeniable quality of making a song feel new again and the Machine is there to back her up every step of the way.  Here are some pictures:

And a little taste of Heavy in Your Arms:

I plan on having a summer filled with music along with fo
od and friends and laughs and love, because music is the perfect compliment to all of the above.

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