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Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's a rare person that can wrangle 20 of his closest friends to commit to a weekend of wine and sunshine 4 years running; but Mr. Joe S. accomplished it with nary a complaint.  A few weekends ago, the boyfriend and I took our first trip with this motley crew.  Most of this group has known each other for years and have remained banded together no matter where their lives have taken them.  Watching the camaraderie and the dynamics proved to be a great source of entertainment.

The setting...a beautiful country house in Los Alamos with its own chicken coop and vineyard and one of the most incredible views of the night sky.  We brought tequila and a blender, others brought food and wine and snacks (can't forget the snacks) and Joe provided the soundtrack.  We dubbed it Wine(house) weekend, part silliness and part sincerity and, at least to us, apropos of the singer. 

Here's what it looked like--

Lunch at Panino in Los Olivos

Wine tasting at Longoria Wines in Los Olivos

View of the main house from the pool

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Antique shopping in Los Alamos

Walking through the vineyards at night

Breakfast prepared by the owners

Here comes our party bus!

Shoestring Winery

Brunch prepared by our resident chef, Jared

The 1880 Union Hotel - historic landmark in Los Alamos

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