Pretty Printed Dress

Friday, May 31, 2013

{Dress: Prada; Necklace: Madewell; Heels: Tania Spinelli}

Happy Friday!

It seems silly, but don't you feel giddy when you score a fantastic piece for your closet?  On my way back from Coachella this year, I stopped at the Prada store at the Cabazon outlets just outside of Palm Springs.  If you were driving through the area and had time for only one store, this is the store I would recommend you stop in if you were looking to buy a stand out piece for your wardrobe.  Whether it's a bag, a wallet, a great pair of shoes or a pretty printed dress, I love indulging in this one stop for that perfect find. 

Where is your go to store where you know you'll find something you may not need but definitely want to have?

Photo Credit: The magical Philip Martin


2 Responses to “Pretty Printed Dress”

  1. Wow. Jenny. Wow. Girl....I'm loving these printed dresses on you! And your makeup is so soft and natural...your face is absolutely flawless! I love the side bangs and waves too! And you know I'm crazy about those shoes! That dress is such a great buy! Perfect thing to throw on during our very hot summer!

  2. This is just a prototype for others I am going to make degradable carrier bags . I just love anything that can house my stationery, in fact, anything to do with stationery is good. Enjoy x x