I Want To Go Back

Monday, October 7, 2013

{Dress: TopShop; Belt: Anthropologie; Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell; Bag: Balenciaga}

{Besides the beauty of this tea set, how wonderful is the specially made carrying case?}
It's been a month since the boy and I have been back from a truly extraordinary trip, and I'm still missing those carefree days of wandering around the canals in Amsterdam, exploring the beauty of Prague, sailing in the Adriatic and mapping out our own bike tour in Berlin.  We were gone for 19 days, and it's taken me just as long to shrug off the despondency that set in as soon as I stepped off the plane back at LAX.  The memory of our adventures sometimes feel like a dream, especially when I had to get right back to work and long days at the office.  *sigh*  

I have finally had a moment to go through the hundreds of pictures we took.  Here are a few we snapped while visiting Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin.  There is an extensive collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain as well as the personal china made for the royal family.  The intricate tea set above was one of many made for Sophie Charlotte. 

I'm hoping to get back to a regular posting schedule.  Thank you so much for stopping by even with the intermittent posts.

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