Swanky Soiree

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Dress & Gloves from Playclothes;
Necklace & Bracelet from Polkadots & Moonbeams; Heels: Gucci}

What do you wear when your dear friend throws a Mad Menesque birthday party?  Well, the swankiest of dresses, of course.   I pulled out all the stops - vintage jewelry, gloves and dress, but kept a bit modern with spiked heels.  Oh, how I wish gloves, though, were still de rigueur.  I adore the fashions from the 50s - the structure, the detailing, the unambivalent femininity and the covert sexiness - and love filling my closet with these unique dresses.  I always wonder about the history of a vintage dress, what different lives it has lived, and hope to add to its story.  I know these are pieces I will hold on to for a long time and not throw out after a handful of wears.

Photo Credit: Philip Martin


2 Responses to “Swanky Soiree”

  1. i'm obsessed with your dress! it is the perfect mad men party dress :)

    xo brie