Coachella Recap - Outfits and Music

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Dress: Urban Outfitters}

{Top: Peter Pilotto for Target; Skirt: Club Monaco; Shoes: Vans}

{Dress: Victoria's Secret}

The appeal of Coachella for me is that for 3 days I can immerse myself in music and friends and be in an environment that is the diametrical opposite of my everyday.  As I get older and get positioned more firmly into adulthood, "carefree" as a state of being becomes a rare occurrence.  This means that I expect a lot when I get those few "carefree" moments.  I am also realizing that I don't approach carefree today the same way I did five years ago or even one year ago.

This year, the magic of Coachella was missing for me.  The lineup was uninspiring, the performances were lackluster, except for a handful, and the scheduling not well organized.  Thankfully, though, the magic of new music discovery had not faded.  I can say I witnessed probably the most charismatic show of the weekend - Future Islands.  I knew nothing about them other than that they were the must see band recommendation by friends who had attended Coachella the weekend prior.  More than just being fun, the band and more so front-man, Sam Herring, connected with the audience, drew us into their unique sound where you couldn't help but dance along.  It was electric being in that tent and I loved being blown away by them.  It's not always easy connecting with a band when you know nothing of them, but Future Islands had no trouble crossing that bridge.

So, even though I may not be going back to Coachella next year, I won't stop looking for those carefree music moments. 

What new music have you discovered lately?

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